About Us
About Sakura Automobile
We, Sakura Automobile Co.Ltd. introduce ourselves as a leading high quality used Trucks, Buses, Machines and Passenger car dealer in Japan. We have experience in Japanese domestic purchasing and sales. We can export any kind of vehicle around the world.
Comapy Name
Sakura Automobile Company Limited
10,000,000 yen
Head Office
2-1-34, Nanko Higashi, Suminoe-Ku,Osaka City, Oska Prifictue
TP: 06-6690-7547   FAX: 06-6690-7548
Branch Office
210, 1-19-25, Higashi Kawaguchi, Kawaguchi-Shi, Saitama ken, TEL +81-90-9345-0908
Stock Yard
Osaka :2-1-34, Nanko Higashi, Suminoe-Ku,Osaka City, Oska Prifictue TEL +81-6-6614-7590 FAX +81-6-6614-7591
Ibaraki : 602, Mimura, Bando-City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Scrap Yard and container loading
Ibaraki : 602, Mimura, Bando-City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Website English
Overseas agent
• Kampala, Uganda
• Dar es salaam, Tanzania
• Kitwe, Zambia
Weekly Bargains!
If you are Looking for a genuine Japanese vehicle
Weekly Campaign for Brand New/Used Japanese Vehicles
Used/ Brand New Parts
Used or Brand New Spare Parts for Zambia,Tanzania,Zimbabwe,Uganda,Congo,Sudan,Malawi,Burundi,Mozambique,Kenya,Caribian Islands
Japan is home to some of the world's strongest manufacturers of automobiles and parts.
Osaka Yard
Osaka Vehicle Yard Picture 1
Osaka Vehicle Yard Picture 2
Osaka Vehicle Yard Picture 3
Osaka Vehicle Yard Picture 4
Saitama Yard
Saitama Vehicle Yard Picture 1
Saitama Vehicle Yard Picture 2
Saitama Vehicle Yard Picture 3
Saitama Vehicle Yard Picture 4
Junk Yard - Buses
Junk Yard - Buses Picture 1
Junk Yard - Buses Picture 2
Junk Yard - Buses Picture 3
Junk Yard - Buses Picture 4
Container Lording Yard
Container Lording Yard Picture 1
Container Lording Yard Picture 2
Container Lording Yard Picture 3
Container Lording Yard Picture 4